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Guarder Stainless Steel Bore-Up Cylinder Head for AUG/G36

Product Description

Guarder Bore Up Stainless Steel Cylinder Head
- For Marui Version III Gearbox Airsoft AEG -
(G36C & AUG Only)
"For Airsoft Electric Toy Gun Use Only"

Essential part for upgrading your Airsoft Electric Gun AEG
Bore Up Series upgrade part
Increase bore size means greater air capacity & volume for propelling the BB forward
Double O-Ring Design increase the air tightness of the cylinder
This is highly recommended upgrade for AEG with lengthened barrel since you need additional volume of air to propel BB out of longer barrel
For GUARDER or SYSTEMA Bore Up Cylinder ONLY
As always, upgrading AEG require necessary skill & technique to dissemble the gearbox, consult expertise if needed

Item No.: GL-04-12

Vendor : GUARDER
$180.00 HKD

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