Everyday, after we shipped out orders, we will provide the tracking No. to the sender accordingly (by email), however, There are few common reasons you may not received your mail / parcel within the delivery scheduled. 

1.) The delivery is still in process, the time you asking may still within the delivery time range, e.g E-Express 7-14 Working Days. 

2.) The mail has arrived your countries but without successfully delivery, this is happen possibly when buyer provided the wrong shipping address / no one received the parcel etc, and your parcel will be keep at destination's country post office and it be keep for certain days and awaiting for your pick up. (Please email us for air-way bill to collect your parcel if necessary)

3.) Import Custom Held the parcel for inspection. It will take a moment to release parcel to you. Please be patient to wait. You can contact local custom department for more information.

4.) Import Custom Held the parcel for import duty / VAT charges, you may have to pay customs duties and taxes to get release your parcel. Please contact local custom department for more information.

Q: What if I receive this message when I track my parcel with the provided tracking No.  "The item is being returned to sender through the acceptance office, please contact Mail Tracing Office at (852) 2921 2211 during office hours if necessary.”

A: Please do not panic when you see this message online at HongKong Post Home page. This is mostly happen when your item was held by HongKong Airport security or further inspection before it is released to export. (This happen usually for Airsoft Guns only). It usually take 2-4 days to release and sent your item back to the track of transportation. Therefore, delay on arrival may caused.

Tracking Mail / Parcel information : 

You can track and trace your mail / parcel current delivery status online at Hong Kong Post website. Furthermore, you will able to get an additional tracking info at destination country's post website by its arrival.  

International Track & Trace Link (17 Track) :

If you did not receive mail / parcel at certain days that you may concern, you could contact local post office for more information or you could ask for air-way bill from us for supporting document. (sometimes they would keep your parcel when unsuccessful delivery)

You can open an investigation case for over 21 days since you did not receive mail/parcel that we shipped to you. (please ask for air-way bill to fill the online enquiry form)

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