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Guarder 6.02mm Interchange Barrel for M733/M1A1 (300mm)

Product Description

Fits for Marui MP5 / MC51 / AK-Beta (Accrual Length), M733/Thompson (Original Length) Electric Rifle

Bore Size: 6.02 mm
Length: 300mm
Material: BRASS
Plating: Lucid Chromium Plating
Item Code: TN-03

For Most Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) 
BRASS constructed precision barrel at 6.02mm diameter 
Built for extra power and precision shooting 
Choose this barrel to suit your AEG model 
For custom upgrade user, you can choose a longer barrel 
If this one is not suitable for you, please search our store for the one you need 

NOTE: You can always choose a longer or shorter Barrel if you have a extended Outer barrel installed

Vendor : GUARDER
$200.00 HKD

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