While all the products we sell are, in our opinion, pure joy to play with, we understand that you will not always be 100% satisfied with your purchase. That is why we offer a return policy for customers of Rainbow8 Shop. We at Rainbow8 Shop will honor a store credit exchange in the event you truly regret your purchase. 

We do not provide cash refunds.

What is the time limit for returning goods to Rainbow8 Shop?
If after receipt of your order there are certain products that you change your mind on and wish to return, you must notify Rainbow8 Shop at info@rainbow8.com within 24 hours of receipt of the delivery. We will be able to track exactly when you receive the order based on information supplied to us by the express delivery companies.
Rainbow8 Shop reserves the right to deny any request for returns made after 24 hours of delivery to your designated address.

How Do I Report My Intent To Return For Credit?

You must get an approval for return from Rainbow8 Shop. After you send your email to rainbow8.services@gmail.com, our staff will respond to your email and acknowledge your intent to return all or part of your order.
What Do I Have To Do?

Two important points to note are as follows:
1. Returned Goods Must Be In Perfect Condition
Credit is provided in the form of store credit. No cash credit or refunds are provided. Returned items must be in perfect condition with all original packaging and manuals - Any damage will be assessed by Rainbow8 Shop and the amount of credit will be judged based on whether the returned product was used or damaged.
2. You Are Responsible For Return Shipping Charges
You will be responsible for paying the shipping charges for the returned products to Rainbow8 Shop. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to the returned product and you will be credited with 80% of the original value The money will be credited to you once the package has been received by Rainbow8 Company. An email will be issued to you once this happens to confirm that the return is successful, and to notify you of the official amount of credit. Again, if the item is in brand new unused condition, then you will only be charged the 20% restocking fee. Additional fees will be incurred if the item is damaged, is missing manuals or parts, or appears used.

If you have additional questions on our return policy, please email info@rainbow8.com