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Tokyo Marui M320 Airsoft Gas Grenade Laucher

Product Description
Tokyo Marui M320 Airsoft Gas Grenade Laucher
Durable Nylon Fiber Frame, Foregrip and QD mechanical quadrant sight Set (The Sight Can be choose to install on the left or right)
Full Metal Barrel, 20mm Under Rail, Top Mount base and 320mm Extended 5 Position Buttstock With Polymer Non slip Pad
Through the charging gas into the tank in the grip, the gas pressure required for the firing is stabilized (BB bullet is to spread to 2m square 20 ~ 30m strength practical distance, by 20m destination.)
Double-action method and grenade loading side of open system outer barrel to expand to the left like real, just pull the trigger
Insert Marui M433 Cartridge (18 rds) inside

Item Weight (gram) 2020
Major Color Black
Length 355mm / 495mm (Extended)
Launcher Capacity 1
Cartridge Type Marui M433 Cartridge (18 rds)
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui / TM
$1,642.00 HKD