Nine Ball Enhanced Magazine Lip Seal for Marui Hi-Capa and P226 (2pcs)

Nine Ball Enhanced Magazine Lip Seal for Marui Hi-Capa and P226 (2pcs)

Product Information

●Marui Gas Route Seal Bucking Aero(2pcs)

●Curved shape on the inner bucking to improves the gas routing.
●Special material & surface finish for smooth and excellent gas flow.
●Made with cold-resistant material to decrease gas leaks.
●Comes with "seal plate" to control power and blowback balance.

LayLax NINEBALL “Gas Route Bucking Aero” Series is made with excellent cold-resistant material for flexible and high pressure bonding tension.
Also, the special lubricant is mixed with the material and finished with special surface treatment to decreasing friction and maintains the oil on the bucking for long lasting.

With multiple velocity tests and blowback examination, LayLax came up with the best size and position of the gas injection route on the bucking! 

“Gas Route Bucking Aero” has the best total balance of gas flow amount, pressure, and speed. Inside of the Gas Rout bucking, it is designed with unique curved lining to decrease the resistance when the gas is passing through.

Each "Gas Route Bucking Aero” series comes with “Seal Plate”!
To maximize the potential of the gas power, you can use this plate to minimize the air loss. Or, you can choose not to use the “seal plate” for excellent blowback balance.

Compatible Model:
Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA Series /P226

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